Oliver is about 17 years old.  He is a Pomeranian.  His dad passed away and family could not care for him.  He will live out his life at the Sanctuary so he does not have to move again.

He has a heart murmur, high blood pressure so is on Amlodipine, hard of hearing and is going blind along with usual aches and pains.  Loves sleeping on the couch and looking out the window.  Enjoys car rides and short walks.

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Meet charlie

Charlie came to us from the Regional Animal Shelter of King County.  Charlie is believed to be about 8 years old and is a Pomeranian mix.

​He is a very happy, loving little friend who loves to be close to his human.  He does have some back leg issues but at this time things are not bothering him and vet says not bad enough to have surgery, but he sometimes has a little skip to his walk.  He has an awesome little dance he will do for you if you offer him a treat.  He loves going on walks and car rides.  Gets along with other dogs and cats.

    looking for their forever foster home

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When you open your heart and your home to foster to adopt one of our dogs, the dog will live with you in your home as if it was like one of your own dog for 30 days.  After the 30 days, you will have the option to adopt that dog.  If the dog has a lot of medical needs you may forever foster the dog.  The only difference is the dog will still be an Angels For Sara Sanctuary dog and we will cover all the medical needs that the dog may have.    We will always be in contact with you to make sure things are going good and if you need help taking them to the vets or groomers, one of our other volunteers can help with that.

When you help sponsor a dog or dogs, the donation will go towards the much needed medical care, food, and training as well as some special treats along the way.  Our forever foster dogs stay with the Sanctuary in a foster home so we can continue caring for the medical needs of that dog.  The monthly expense for these dogs add up.  So when we have sponsors, the money that comes in for a particular dog, GOES to the care of that dog.

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​is loving in his forever foster with his mom.  He has a wonderful home  with a awesome lady who loves him very much.  He does have ongoing skin issues but his mom is helping him take care of it.  He gets to go and play with other doggie friends while his mom visits the humans and he loves sleeping with his foster mom.

lil' bit

Lil'Bit came to us from Multnomah Shelter after she had been found as a stray.  She is thought to be a MinPin about 11 years old.   Poor little girl has a multitude of issues and would love her very own forever foster home.

Her spine is very curved and very underweight. Her heart is enlarged and also has high blood pressure so is on Vetmedin, Enalapril and pain meds.  She has really bad teeth, but because of her health, we are unable to give her a dental.  

With everything going on, she is very happy and loves attention, being held and loved, curled up sleeping next to you.  She enjoys car rides and going on adventures.

meet MittZ and luli

Mittz and Luli came to us when there mom had to go to a nursing home and could no longer keep them.

 Mittz is about 13 she has a lot of pain in her back and legs from an old injury and sometimes it can make her cranky when other dogs are around besides Luli.  She is not very active but does love the attention and brushing.  She loves to be close by you.  She can do short walks and loves car rides.

Luli is about 15 and is pretty spry for an older gal.  She is very loving, loves walks, riding in the car and playing with a ball.  Loves to sit next to you in your chair and be close by you.

​They are both on Meloxidyl for their aches and pains.

They are a VERY bonded pair and must stay together.  Would do best in a home as the only dogs.

living at the Sanctuary



In  forever Foster Homes 

looking for their

forever foster to adopt homes


Is now in his forever foster home with his wonderful family and kitties.  He needs to be on eye meds for the rest of his little life,  He loves sleeping in his foster dad's lap.  His mom and dad love to take him for walks and car rides.


Rizzo came to us from the  Multnomah Shelter after being found as a stray.  we believe him to be about 14.  He is a Lasha Aspo and has some health issues.  He has bad skin and needs to be bathed at least once a week.

He is mostly blind and will need drops in both his eyes.  

He has chronic liver disease and will need to be on Ursodiol the rest of his life. He is also on pain meds.

He is a very happy fellow and loves to be around people.  He is quiet and sleeps a lot, but when awake, likes being in the yard. MUST HAVE A FENCED YARD.