I could tell something was going on with Jane. She hasn’t been feeling well lately.

On Monday, I noticed what I thought was dried poop on her leg and started cleaning it up only to find it was her skin. And it was full of puss. I cleaned it up as well as I could and headed over to Bayshore Veterinary Hospital. I left her so they could check it out. It was another tumor that burst.

I said goodbye to Jane today. Even when you know it’s the right thing, the humane thing, even the loving thing to do, it is never easy. We will miss her happy dance and her sweet smile.

Jane, our 9th senior lodger, came to us August 13, 2017 when her owner passed away. She lived to about 19.

Jane had a wonderful couple of years with us and . She lived with an awesome foster mom for most of her time with us. The last few months Jane just couldn’t manage so many steps and we welcomed her back to the Sanctuary.

When I look at this last picture I took of her, I like to think Jane was looking at Sara.