Jacque got a new home for herself and the senior dogs. She bought a house!!! After a long and exhausting search, the final papers were signed today. From now on, any improvements will be for a permanent sanctuary and not for a rental property. 

Not to dis the rental or the owners in any way. We are beyond grateful to the owners of the rental. They not only allowed us to have a dog rescue on their property but also supported us in more ways than we could have imagined!!!

Now, since the new place will also be Jacque’s private residence, we won’t be putting out the address but be comforted to know it is still in the area. We will continue to help the local senior dogs, and possibly be able to accommodate a couple more.

Magnificent Max

The only thing that could make Max happier would be finding a forever foster/adopted family of his own! (He has some allergies and thinks cats would be good with gravy.)

I am putting up the donate button because the only thing the new place is missing is a fence. We would be more than grateful for any donations to help keep our seniors from wandering the new neighborhood.

Of course, any surplus beyond what is needed for the fence will go to the continuing care of our senior dogs.