4-H Classy Canines annual R.A.C.E is working with Angels for Sara Sanctuary to host a Fall Bazaar and Open Dog Agility competition! Get the kids out and learning how to do dog agility while finding some great holiday gifts and supporting local animal-centered non-profits!

Things to bring along: 

  1. a dog
  2. kennel
  3. non-tightening collar or harness (no chokers)
  4. 6’ or less leash
  5. tiny soft treats (e.g. cheese)
  6. water bowl
  7. lunch or $.

Start with: Introduction to Jumpers w/ Weaves Workshop: Free.
Followed by: Jumpers w/ Weaves Fun Runs: $3.00 each.
Then: Introduction to Agility Contacts Workshop: Free.
Next: Agility Touch ‘n’ Go (Contacts) Fun

 See the poster below for further details.

 Thank you for your support!