Today marks the passing of an epoch in the history of Angels for Sara. In some ways it is a melancholy day. In others, it is a day for remembrance and gratitude.

I promised Sara that I would do whatever I can to gather together angels among us to give older dogs a chance to live out their last days in a loving home.

It was almost 6 years ago that I went to the local shelter and picked Clyde and Bonnie, our very first senior dogs, The ride home with them in the back seat of my pickup was a joyful one. I could see the HUGE smiles on their faces. They were so happy to be going to their new home. When I got them home, we went for our first walk around the property together.  They seemed awestruck by the open field and the big sky above.

It turned out that Bonnie and Clyde were total ball hounds. Always running and chasing balls. Our walks down to the river were so much fun. Bonnie loved the water.

It has been a wonderful journey starting up the sanctuary. Finding homes for all of them hasn’t always been easy. But finding one is a day of celebration.

It was such a sad day when we found out Clyde had tumors in February 2018. He went so quickly and left us in May. It was not only hard on us. It was devastating for Bonnie. Anyone who doesn’t believe dogs have loved friends and mourn their going did not know this pair.

Bonnie started going downhill. You could feel the tear in her heart just looking at her. We tried to “make up for it” by giving her lots of extra love, car rides, and treats. But her old body continued to fail and her heart pined for Clyde.

I know how special Bonnie is to all of you. Thank you for all your help and dedication to Bonnie and Clyde and to the sanctuary. The last few months have been particularly hard on Bonnie. Today we said a sad and reluctant goodbye to our grande dame and helped her transition on to a better life. I know Clyde is there waiting to show her around. I can hear his silly little howls.

Safe journey my lovely Bonnie. Fly high with the angels. Say hi to Clyde for me.

If you want to donate toward medical bills or volunteer to help around the sanctuary, our contacts are found here:

Everyone at Angels for Sara thanks you!