It seems that our Katana developed a small ulcer on her eye. The cornea is the clear covering of the eye. It gets lots of little scratches from dust and debris without any serious problem; but sometimes an eyelash poking into the cornea or an accidental laceration incurred during horseplay can develop into an ulcer when the abrasions remove the deeper layers of the cornea.

You will usually notice your dog’s eyes are tearing excessively or the dog is squinting as if trying to keep sand from blowing into its face. 

Fortunately Katana’s foster human noticed the ulcer when it was just starting and got her to a vet before a deeper erosion set in.  Dr. D’Orazio thought it didn’t look too deep so the meds should knock it out. Katana was prescribed antibiotic eye drops and she is scheduled to follow up in a week. Dr. D also recommended Vetprofen for discomfort. I have plenty left from JoJo so I will also start her on that. 

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 Everyone at Angels for Sara thanks you!