So I went out to Angels for Sara Sanctuary just to visit and see what really goes on there.

I met this precious BFF bonded pair. Sadie, left, is only 12 but she is both blind and deaf. Although she will startle a bit if you start petting her unexpectedly, I found Sadie remarkably composed for someone coping with so much loss. That may well be due to the influence of Jenna (on the right). Jenna watches out for Sadie. Not aggressively. She just accompanies Sadie and makes sure everything is copasetic.

I’m sure it also has something to do with their home. It seems apparent that all of the dogs are comfortable and well-adjusted to each other. I enjoyed our visit very much and hope to visit again.

If you would be interested in helping this lovely pair of gentile ladies and other seniors like them, please message us, call us at 503-325-2772 or email us at We are Angels for Sara, a 501 ( c ) 3 qualified nonprofit organization in support of senior dogs.

~ Rodney