BIG thanks to Warrenton Petco and The Trophy Case of Gearhart for making the whole thing possible. 

We’ had a great time at Petco with Santa. It’s been a lot of fun meeting all of you and your special friends. 


We initially scheduled December 8-9, then 15-16 and thought that would be plenty. Believe it or not, there is so much interest in our Petco Photos with Santa that we asked Santa to encore on December 22. He agreed, which is incredibly gracious considering Santa’s busy schedule that close to Christmas. So help us make Santa’s encore appearance worthwhile. 

Saturday December 22 1:00-4:00 pm

When you come in for Santa photos, go straight to the checkout counter and donate $9.95 for each picture you would like.  Bring the receipt back to Santa’s photo bench. Santa will be wearing his formal red suit with white trim, so he’s hard to miss. 

You can have a wonderful picture of Santa and your pet, your kids or even you.

All of the proceeds go directly to helping the senior dogs at the Sanctuary.  We really appreciate all your help and support!!